Ipswich Rental Property

Ipswich Rental Property are a private Suffolk-based landlord with strong connections with Ipswich. We rent a number of modern flats, penthouse flats and houses in the Ravenswood area of Ipswich.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical landlord - we try to ensure that our properties are maintained to a high standard and that any problems are dealt with quickly.

Many of our tenants choose to remain in the properties for long periods of time.

Although we are a private landlord rather than a letting agency, we do - like any reputable letting agency - take extensive references and run credit checks on all prospective tenants.

Current Property to Rent in Ipswich

Houses to Let

We currently have no houses to rent in Ipswich.

Flats to Let

We have an attractively furnished 2 bedroom flat to rent in Ipswich.